Being the head chef of GayLord, the most popular Indian Cuisine Restaurant in the Docklands East London is a wonderful experience and one which I enjoy doing everyday. Ever since I arrived in the UK as an school boy in 1976, I had an instinctive attraction towards pursuing my career in the catering industry. I won numerous awards in food technology & home cooking during my school days which which propelled me into the catering industry. As my career kicked off, I have worked as a Head Waiter, Manager in many Indian Restaurants in the North West and South East of England as well as Scotland. The aroma that is generated from Indian food and the way you can utilise spices to bring out various mouth watering flavours to a dish first drew my attention to the kitchen which eventually led me to became a chef. I have been the head chef of GayLord for the last fifteen years, proudly cooking authentic dishes for our many pleased customers. The reputation of our food is second to non and is most evident when satisfied customers would from time to time, peer their heads through the kitchen door and congratulate us with some tips of appreciation. Over the past decade, GayLord has been commended with many prestigious awards such as the‘Best Indian restaurant of ….’, ‘Chef of the year’…etc, which is why we believe our test is with our customers who recommend us to their friends and families and we are very proud of that. So, give us a try and see for yourself as I am sure you will not be disappointed.